Support Nova Survivors

On  Oct 7 at 6:30 AM 4000 people   that were dancing and celebrating life in the Super Nova party next to the Gazza border were brutally attacked by Hamas terrorists.

 They were young vibrant good kids from all over Israel that  loved nature, music and being together. Instead of enjoying the gorgeous morning rise they woke up tp the bloodiest scene u can Imagine. in your worst night mares women were raped in front of their boyfriends   and  parts of their bodies removed from them when they are still alive.

364   Nova people were murdered on the spot, others kidnaped  to Gazza and . thousands were wounded physically and mentally,

  Few of the survivors committed sui aside and other s were mentally broken  and needed to be hospitalised .

Their friends and family at home were with them online for hours  and herd their last words and cry  for help that didn't come  fast enough.

About 3500 survivors of the party plus 10,000 estimated family members and friends, went through a traumatic experience.  These survivors need help  to be able ao go back to life - U can be the one to reach out  and support 


Profits for survivors of the massacre

The profits will be used to benefit the survivors of the massacre and their families 

Survivors of the party – The Israeli Nova community is a veteran community of the electronic music world with about 10,000 people and produces music events in Israel in which tens of thousands of people take part each year.

After the disaster, the community launched a fundraiser called "And you choose Life" to care for the survivors of the October 7 Super Nova Party and their families.


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