Proud to be J

Proud to be J

Proud to be J -  Support NOVA survivors

We call for every human being that was horrified by the horrifying massacre of Oct 7 2023 to show his solidarity by joining the #proud to be J campaign.

J - for Jewish

J - for Jerusalem

J - for Jesus

J - for Justice

We were created all by GOD

And we R Kept by GOD

Super Nova party survivors  went through one of the worse trauma imaginable, seeing their friends being killed, raped, butchered and kidnapped.

in a miraculous way they didn't die but they are not really alive.

Now they need help to get over this terrible ordeal.

When U buy a j product the earnings are donated to   the NOVA tribe  to asisst the    3600 party survivors and make sure that they will dance again.


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