Sigal Geshury


 Being Jewish is not a privilege nor it makes me better than any other person.
Being a jewish  woman born and living on Israel  is much more of a duty.
On Oct 7 -  Eden my daughter's friend beautiful full of life young women was butchered at the NOVA party.
 At 10:00 My elder son ITAMR was called to the IDF and 17;00 my second son ORI  were at the fights in GAZZA for  all most 6 months.
 Israel is fighting for it's life and the rest of the world  us reqired to make a choice - to support light or stay still and allow darkness to rule.
 This the time before it is too late- join us .
Sigal Geshury is an Israeli impact serial entrepreneur that founded Shammaim Upper water to turn tap water to healthy water and Payday-APP a full digital mediation App for sexual assaults.
Sigal has LLM in law from Tel Aviv University, served as Chief of Business Development Officer of Bezeq- the Israeli PPT and wrote 4 books.



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