11:11 Timeless wear

 It is me we called my Coaching method "The End of Search".... because I truly believe everything we need  is right under our nose. But i also tend to ignore my own advice un fortunately until Im reminded in the hard way - that every thing right should happen in the easy way .

 So for months I  searched for fashion designers to  turn  my vision for  J clothes that make  you feel safe and protected .

iI met dozens, spent hours trying to explain until I decided to do it  my self - my first GIG as a fashion designer  and I named it 11:11Timeless wear.

 I did my way , exactly what I love to wear  easy going natural materials that make me feel connected, protected yet feminine and sexy in the old fashion way more hiding than  revelling   - i  hope you will love it also.

 But anyway I'm proud of me taking another  leap of faith . 

Cant go to wrong right ? Because I 'm kept by G-D as all of you are too, even if you don't always feel like that 


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